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Emilie Bishop

Author for Kids and Kids at Heart

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Emilie's Blog
Actually, that's not totally true...the part that says "Emilie's Blog," anyway.  It's a blog, yes, but it's not just mine.  It is shared by my dear friends and Seton Hill University classmates, Jennifer Hofmann and Tricia Tighe.  We've all been saying we need more web presence, but haven't done much about it.  A blog is an easy way to achieve this, but I know myself well enough to know that a blog would either take over my life or stagnate and defeat its own purpose.  But if others blog with you on a set that was an interesting idea.
Jennifer, Tricia, and I have banded together to form Damsels in Regress, a blog dedicated to something all three of us are passionate about: historical fiction.  We're all working on some sort of middle grade or young adult historical piece right now, but they're all set in different time periods, written for different age levels, and fall into different sub-genres of historical fiction.  We think that will just make our blog that much more fun!
Check us out at Damsels in Regress.
We'll feature book reviews, author interviews, articles on life in the time period of our work in progress, secrets and frustrations of research, and more as we think of it.  Enjoy!
And because one blog is just not enough, help yourself procrastinate on Momentary Musings, my just-for-me blog, which will feature more stuff-of-life entries.