Emilie's Short Fiction

Resisting During World War II

I finally got a paycheck for writing! This article, about the Dutch resistance movement during WWII, appears in the September 2009 issue of Faces, one of several children’s magazines put out by Carus Publishing. Faces examines world cultures for kids in grades four through eight, so it was fun to write factual history for kids who are about the same reading level as my historical novels. Plus, it was fun to dig deeper into the movement that produced such famous books as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. And did you know Miep Gies, the woman famous for helping hide Anne Frank and her family, turned 100 in February 2009, just as I was looking for an interesting fact for a sidebar for this article? See why I love research?

King Josiah and the Great Passover

This child-friendly retelling of the Biblical story of King Josiah appeared in August 2008’s debut issue of My Light, a Catholic e-zine for children. Even though I’m Protestant (shh, don’t tell!), I know a good writing venue when I see one. I also enjoy introducing both children and adults to parts of the Bible they may not be familiar with.

It’s All in a Name

Okay, so this one is even less fictional than the Bible story, which is at least a story with a plot, characters, etc. I’m still proud of this article and happy it’s being published, so I’m going to put it here anyway! I am obsessed with names–perusing through a name-your-baby book is truly a pleasure read for me. I also get very uptight when authors don’t use character names that are historically and/or culturally appropriate, so I decided to turn my pet peeve into an article. Once Upon a Time, a print magazine for writers and illustrators of children’s books, included this short article in their Spring 2009 issue.

Amy’s Outside Toy

I wrote this easy-to-read story while in my first term of Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program. It was my first published piece of fiction and was included in the July 2008 issue of Stories for Children.